How to Stay Keto during the Holidays

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How to Stay Keto during the Holidays

How to stay Keto during the Holidays.


It’s that time of year again, but in this year of 2020, it’s going to be much different.  We’re not having office work parties, we’re not traveling to other countries to indulge in their delicacies, we’re not gathering with friends to break bread and share a glass of wine and we’re certainly not out in malls shopping for gifts while seeking fuel from take-out, but here we are December 2020.  Mom is still going to make her famous home baked cookies, Aunt Suzie is still going to send you her delicious Cherry Cheesecake and you and your immediate family are still going to make a Christmas dinner with all the usual favourites such as stuffing topped with cranberry sauce, cookies & pies, and loads of irresistible sugar – in any form!

If you read that paragraph you are like most people, it made you salivate and led to a trip to the kitchen. The thought of gorging on food, any food, should not make you happy, it should have the opposite effect and make you not feel well. If you however want to affect change then you have to change your relationship with food. Your struggles will be real until you do so, not just during the Holidays but at all times. You will struggle at birthday parties, office luncheons, Poker games with your friends, Saturdays, Take out Tuesdays, Wing Wednesdays...  There’s always opportunities to over-indulge in bad foods, sugary drinks and deep fried anything.  Think: if you have a piece of cake at every “special occasion” you attended then you are likely consuming 25+ pieces of cake a year. Add to that another 25 pieces for all combined holidays, and top it off with your average “snacking”. Poor you does not stand a chance. So how do you break the cycle?  If you feel that it needs to end then why not now? This year of 2020 has broken all “norms” why not break your eating norms? What a better time? We’re locked up in our homes, we have control over our lock-down temptations, no one sees that our dress-up clothes don’t fit, so why wait and make this any harder on yourself? 

Here are a few tips to help you get through the Holiday season and start 2021 off right.

  1. Take it one day at a time. Wake up, get active, eat clean, don’t think about tomorrow or the weekend, go to bed early and when you lay your head on the pillow, congratulate yourself, wake up, repeat.  If you think that you need to stay Keto or eat clean for the next 3 weeks, it becomes more difficult, your sub-conscious mind doesn’t believe you, and when an opportunity to cheat presents itself and you’re looking at the big picture (3 weeks or longer) then one small bite isn’t that big of a deal, but it really is. That one small bite will set you back 4 days.  So if you take it day by day, then you magnify that small bite into something larger and “the cheat” is not worth it anymore.
  2. Get rid of all the junk food in your house and never buy it again. You’ve heard this many times and yet people struggle with it.  They think, “I already paid for it, it would be a shame to throw it out, I’ll finish it and won’t buy it again, or I’ll leave it here in case people come over then at least I have something to offer them”  How’s that working out for you?  It doesn’t work, just get rid of it now!  The problem goes back to my last point “Just one little bite” but unfortunately it never stops at one bite, you end up buying more of maybe a different flavour because you want to experience another flavour before you “Throw the shit out” and the excuse that “I’ll put it out for guests when they come over” has to go with it.  Maybe your guests don’t want it.  Maybe they’re also trying to live a healthy lifestyle and when you put this junk in their face, you’re also making it difficult for them.  You’re serving yourself and your guests better by putting out a veggie platter, or a cheese board and some non-flavored soda instead.  It also leads to a great conversation with your guests and hopefully you can inspire each other to live a healthier lifestyle.  And if your guests complain because you didn’t put out the sugar & salt, it might be time to look for another circle of friends (kidding). Guide them instead.
  3. Stock up on Keto friendly chocolates and get yourself some pork rinds. If you have a sweet tooth and that’s the hardest part for you (first and foremost, that’s just mental, but that’s a whole other blog) there are lots of Keto friendly chocolates and treats now on the market, just stay away from the ones made with Maltitol; instead choose those made with Stevia, Monkfruit, Erithritol and Allulose they are a much better choice.  There’s also a pleather of Keto friendly bakeries that have opened across the country, I’m sure there’s one near you.  Pork rinds are also a great alternative to chips, they’re great for dipping into some spicy guacamole or a 7 layer dip.  I always bring a bag or two with me when I go to someone’s house along with some 90% chocolate, this way I can ensure that I’ll get to participate in the appetizer and dessert round without breaking keto.  Just be careful when choosing pork rinds, I stick with original flavour as a lot of the flavoured ones are full of chemicals and artificial ingredients.  I personally like the 4505 brand, they seem to be the cleanest and best tasting.
  4. Eat more fat. One of the problems that most people face and why a lot of people fail on Keto is because they don’t eat enough fat.  Eating fat helps to satiate you along with the protein, if you don’t get enough fat with your meal, you usually end up over eating or becoming hungry much quicker than if you ate the right amount of fat.  Try eating an avocado before you head out, or a handful of macadamia nuts with a piece of cheese, the fat will keep you fuller longer, you won’t have the cravings and it won’t leave you hungry at the end of the night.
  5. When you’re making your Holiday dinner, make a cauliflower mash and load up on the butter, cream and cheese, finish your turkey with some garlic butter and load up on olive oil and MCT oil in your salad. Eating this way will surely satisfy you.
  6. Drink more water. A lot of times when we feel hungry, we’re not really hungry we’re just thirsty but we can’t tell the difference.  A glass of water can usually do the trick.  If you’re off to see some friends or friends are coming over, drink a glass of water before hitting the snack table, you’ll probably think twice.
  7. If you break and cheat, don’t stress just get right back on. It happens to the best of us, we’re human and it doesn’t mean we failed, we just hit a bump in the road.  The path to weight loss is not a linear line downward and no matter how hard we try we’re not perfect.  There’s going to be moments of weakness, and that’s fine.  The problem is when you do it repeatedly.  Let’s say it’s Friday night, you’re having a great time with some loved ones you’ve been perfect for weeks, you’re feeling great and out of nowhere appears a warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream and you give in, you have a piece and it tastes delightful, but best to stop there.  Don’t let that override you, don’t let the senses go into overdrive and ask for more, stop!  And repeat step 1.

I hope this helps you get through the Holidays and Kick start 2021 with more energy and wellness than you’ve ever had.  If you want more tips on Keto, Keto recipes and want to learn about exciting things we’re doing at The Keto Oven, please visit us at and don’t forget to check out my achieve more podcast.


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